11  Gallery


11.1  Frames

Solid frame,
mahagony sape wood,
(Volmer Marriage 1953)


Figure 7202
Solid frame,

Figure 7203
Two pairs of frames
and small bowl
from a padouk-board,

Figure 7204
Solid rectangle frames,

Figure 7205
Series of frames,
cherry and lime

Figure 7206
Doll house picture frames, chony

Figure 7207
Rectangle frame,
four part blank,

Figure 7208
Frame from eight-part
cherry blank

Figure 7209a
front side
smoked oak, 29cmx16cm
rear side
smoked oak, 29cmx16cm

Figure 7210
Tray frame, Bubinga,
 (Embroidery by Sigrid Volmer)

Figure 7211,
Door name plate,
Teak, 2005

11.2  Bowls


Figure 7301
Bowl, ash, 2002
(Decoration by Steffen Volmer)

Figure 7301
Bowl, ash, 2002
(Decoration by Steffen Volmer)

Figure 7302
Bowls, spruce, 2002

Figure 7303
Bowl with oval rim,
pear, 1984

Figure 7304
 Deep bowl,

Figure 7305
Handle bowl,

Figure 7306
Set of Bowls,
plum, wet turned

Figure 7307
Bowl with ebony inlays,
locust, 2002

Figure 7308
Rustic bowl,
thjua, 2004,
35cm x 23,5cm x 9,5cm

The oval turned pieces shown in this gallery have all been turned by Johannes Volmer on ovalturning lathes designed and built by himself. These, mainly functional, pieces represent only a small selection of Johannes Volmer´s oval turned work since 1983. Different variants have been tested already but the possibilities of ovalturning are nowhere near exhausted.


The ovalturning lathes developed by Johannes Volmer guarantee quiet action even when fast running, and they are free of disturbing vibrations. These advantageous properties allow ovalturning directly in living areas which was impossible when using the classic oval chuck.

Gerhard Ehrlich

Figure 7309
 Experiment HEXBOWL
(siehe Zeichnung Figure 7003

11.3  Platters, Boxes and Rings


Figure 7401
      Lidded box,
boxtree, 1995

Figure 7402
 Lidded box,

Figure 7403
Small lidded box,
beef bone

Figure 7404
 Four-side lidded box,
inside round,
hog oak, 2005

Figure 7501
 Shallow bowl,

Figure 7502
Shallow bowl,

Figure 7503
shallow bowl, alabaster,
8cm  x 7,3cm

Figure 7504
Potter bowl,
11,5cm x 10cm x2,5cm
Master Potter
Katrin Wirth, Chemnitz

Figure 7505
Böttom for bread basket,

Figure 7506
 Rocking bowl ,[2.1.15],

Figure 7601
Napkin rings
beef bone

Figure 7260
Oval bracelet, 2006
blocked blank by Denver Ulery,
Wilmington/PA 1993


11.4  ELLPIN-Objects


ELLPIN is a device developed by Johannes Volmer for ovalturning long grain pieces. The figures are showing a selection of oval turned objects using this device (except the ladle).
Further experiments should help to discover the variety of shapes to be created by applying the ELLPIN device.

 Gerhard Ehrlich

Figure 7701
Candlestick lady,

Figure 7702
Basher and mallets

Figure 7703

Figure 7704

Figure 7705
Cutlery handles,

Figure 7706
Candlestick doll

Figure 7707
Ladle with oval bowl


11.5  Miscellany


Figure 7801
Keyhole plates
beef bone

Figure 7901
Clock case

Figure 7902
 Key tag (Klumpei),
lignum vitae

Figure 7903
Hand flatterer,
lignum vitae

Figure 7904
The Oval in the book

Figure 7905
Doll hat mould

Figure 7906
Round cheese plate with oval tim

Figure 7908
 Lidded chip box with
barley corn ornaments