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Johannes Volmer (pronounced Follmer), born 1930, grew up in Dresden, the Kings' residence of Saxony, famous for its baroque architecture, art galleries, china and museums.

Following the town's terrible destruction at the end of the war, living conditions forced him, as a pupil and student, to work in several shops. The practical experience he gained of many kinds of handicraft and the machining of woods and metals led to his becoming a machine designer at Chemnitz, an industrial centre of machinery in Germany.

Johannes graduated from the Technical University of Dresden where he also gained higher degrees. His specialities are mechanics and design of mechanisms. He has taught these subjects for 36 years as full Professor at the Technical University of Chemnitz. The country nearby, the forested Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), is Germany's oldest woodworking region with ancient traditions and unique turning techniques still in use today. Woodturning is widely practised there. It was these circumstances that decided Johannes, some 25 years ago, to devote himself to the theory and practice of the almost forgotten art of ovalturning. His studies resulted in his designing novel ellipse mechanisms for ovalturning lathes which he tested himself. Johannes demonstrated ovalturning, i.e. the turning of elliptical pieces, at home in Germany at woodturning symposia and in countries abroad, e.g. England, the USA, France and Denmark.

With E. W. Newton, his long-standing English ovalturning friend, he has founded the Elliptical Turning Association. It was intended as source of information in the internet and as a rendezvous of all fellows interested in ovalturning throughout the world (www.elliptical-turning association.co.uk). A number of publications on ovalturning has arisen in German and English magazines.

Johannes Volmer is convinced that once turners have been introduced to ovalturning they will be keen to add it to their repertoire. This script Ovalturning and the ovalturning lathes that are expected on the market will hopefully promote this process.







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