14  Acknowledgement



The author is very much obliged to Mr Gerhard Ehrlich for his editing the homepage and the script Ovalturning. By his specialized knowledge at the computer and his great appreciation of the complicated topic of Ovalturning it was possible to transform the text drafts and picture documents of the author into the attractive form on hand. Without his patiently extensive doing the project would not have taken place.

For craftsmen interested in Ovaltuning it will be possible by this script to receive insight in the versatile and challenging lathe art of Ovalturning. Up to now there was not such a summary.




Gerhard Ehrlich

Waldleite 17

D 09113 Chemnitz/Germany

Tel +49 371 3361274



The author wishes to thank David Springett for his generous help to improve the quality of the English version of the script Ovalturning. David found it to be an enjoyable and rewarding task to assist in improving the author´s English and to edit the text.  David himself is well experienced in ovalturning. His excellent book “Adventures in Woodturning” [1.2.4] contains a chapter in which he describes his experiments with his shop-made oval chuck. This can be seen in his video [3.2]. This second edition of the script Ovalturning in English will hopefully help to promote the interest in ovalturning throughout the English speaking woodturning world.

David Springett lives at
8, Strath Close
Warwickshire CV21 4GA
< david@cdspringett.fsnet.co.uk>

Johannes Volmer


Chemnitz, 1. August 2006